“I’ve attended a lot of blockchain conferences and one problem I’ve noticed is that the conversation on stage presumes that everyone is already conversant in the technology. That’s simply not true — most of the attendees these days are brand new to the space and are trying to learn what all the buzz is about. The Blockchain Disruptor Conference is part of a larger multi-year initiative that is trying to address this ‘mismatch’ and bring more people into the space in a way that does not require them to read whitepapers for a year….

“For that reason, it was important that the conference not require people to take time off work to attend. It is purposely scheduled on the weekend so people do not need to make a trade-off between fulfilling work duties and trying to learn about a technology that is going to change the world.”

Benjamin M. Cole, PhD
William J. Loschert Chair of Entrepreneurship​
Gabelli School of Business
Fordham University

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