Learning Results (2018)

The primary goals of the Blockchain Disruptor Conference are to empower people with knowledge of the tremendous potential of blockchain, and to provide participants with the ability to engage in meaningful conversations about the blockchain space, including regarding both the potential and limitations of the technology.

I am extremely happy to report that we achieved our primary goal at the first conference last year (2018). As the following two charts show, we achieved real learning.

We observed statistically significant jumps in self-reported knowledge of blockchain.

Box Plot -- Knowledge of Blockchain

Stats Table -- Knowledge of Blockchain

We also observed a statistically significant increase in confidence in holding a conversation about blockchain.

Box Plot -- Confidence in Conversation

Stats Table -- Confidence in Conversation

A full 92% of respondents to our post-conference survey answered ‘Definitely yes’ to the question, ‘Would you recommend the Blockchain Disruptor Conference to friends, family, or colleagues?’

Here is what attendees to the April 2018 conference had to say about the conference:

‘Well done. I learned a lot and realized that cryptocurrencies are only a small part of the blockchain world. There is a lot more out there.’

‘Thank you!!!!! It was a great opportunity to learn more and discover new sectors where blockchain technology is/will make an impact.’

‘I was pleased at the format which presented higher level thinking in terms of the global implications of this technology alongside the technical component on how Blockchain technology is structured and processes transactions. I left with an understanding of the seismic shift in economic power (by decentralization) and business processing protocols that this technology will enable in the near future.’

‘Professor Cole was an excellent host and the conference was a great success. I’m personally hyped about blockchain and will delve into it more! Can’t say “I didn’t know after what I saw and heard last weekend.”‘

‘The Blockchain Disruptor Conference was a wonderful opportunity for Fordham University to be seen at the forefront of this quickly evolving technology that will profoundly change the way business is conducted. This technology will definitely disrupt the job market as we know it today — and understanding the skills and talents that will be in demand for the future is key in making sure that your students will be change-makers in the next big evolution in business instead of passively watching from the sidelines.’

‘It was great to see a group of people all sharing interests in a technology that not a lot of people are getting deep into. Keep having conferences and meet-ups like this one!’

‘Congrats! You all did a great job organizing the content and speakers on such a new and innovative topic!’

‘Great job – I really enjoyed the conference and got a lot out of it (which is more than I can say for a lot of conferences and events I attend).’

‘It is critical that the organizers of this conference continue to educate the students, faculty and community regarding the implications and changes that Blockchain technology will bring.’

‘Thank you very much for putting this all together! I thought it was a great first conference, and I’m looking forward to attending many more!’

‘It was the first time I was on campus and I was impressed by both the facilities and quality of the conference. I walked away with a very positive impression of the University after not having much of an opinion. I think academic institutions are an important part of the community and I was glad to learn that Fordham is active in this sector and willing to share that knowledge with the greater public. Thank you for hosting the Blockchain Disruptor Conference.’

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